Measure learning outcomes & skills

Formative & Summative



Easily create formative and summative assessment

Easily create formative & summative assessment

EDaura offers both formative and summative assessment embedded within the assignment module. This allows educators to measure learning outcomes & skills in order to help learners develop and improve throughout the course.

Manage and distribute assignments

Manage & distribute assignments

Complete assignment management from the creation process to the correction and results publishing final stage. Thanks to EDaura’s text to HTML convertor, any assignment submitted by learners gets opened on the educator’s browser for correction. Educators can annotate on the submitted assignment to give feedback on each part of the assignment.

Chat with your students

Chat with your students

EDaura keeps educators and learners connected all the time. The chat feature allows both educators and learners to chat immediately as soon as they access the platform from both the web and the mobile.

Share resources with your students

Share resources with your students

Resources can be either files of different formats or hyperlinks connecting learners to different educational websites. Resources can be labeled as hidden or visible to allow educators to scaffold learning throughout the course.

Save time and get more done on the go

Save time & get more done on the go

Whether you are browsing the web or on the go, you can easily stay in touch with your students using EDaura mobile app.

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