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About Us

Our story We are a group of people who believe in changing the world through improving the way people learn. Our team combines both educational & technical expertise. From the first day at EDaura we started by listening to teachers. We created a focus group made of teachers from around the globe that became part of the product development process. Today EDaura offers the right mix of features that empower teachers & improve productivity. Our values
Improve teachers’ productivity

We are teacher-centric in design
If we help the teacher we help the learner. Teachers are the core of learning. If we succeed in improving teachers’ productivity then our teachers can create student-centric environments.

We are simple
Our product offers a simple and easy-to-navigate space. We work hard to continuously improve our user experience.

We are mobile
You will find EDaura running on any mobile device or web browser. This makes learning accessible anywhere and at any device.

We protect your data
Your privacy is our main concern.