EDaura is shortlisted in New York Social Enterprise Contest

We are proud to announce that EDaura is shortlisted as one of four finalists of the 2016 JCI Global Partnership Summit in New York from July 25-28, 2016. The finalist will be financed and mentored by “Kountable“, a leading technology platform that supports entrepreneurs to further expand their impact.

JCI in a nutshell

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a nonprofit organization of young active citizens who sat improving the communities as their main goal. JCI has worked with young passionate citizens not only to help individuals through developing skills and knowledge but also support them to take actions and to see the actual reflection of their goals every day.

JCI focuses on local citizens to face local challenges. Events, competitions and conferences are being held globally to maintain JCI’s mission which is helping citizens to leave an impact on the society.

JCI and education

Have you ever wondered if you’re educated or just literate? Literacy is knowing how to read and write. Education is to be able to reason, to use your skills including reading and writing to pursue knowledge and that’s what brought EDaura and JCI together.

EDaura’s main mission is to build an educated society by transforming the way educators communicate with their students by the use of technology. Education is facilitated with the perfect mix of features and resources that are available anytime and anywhere to the students through an engaging and user-friendly mobile app.

That was probably the reason that made us apply to contribute in JCI communities, we both have the same vision, and the most important part is that we’re both working so hard to make this vision a reality.

The Social Enterprise Contest

The Social Enterprise Contest is a competition targeting young people in eight target countries, who have a strong track record of entrepreneurship and an established, socially driven. The social enterprise contest is partnering with JCI young communities in an attempt to unify the efforts to create a positive change.

The main goal of the contest is to mobilize young people and demonstrate their power as well as engaging all sectors of society.

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